Partial CMS

Looking forward to revamp a clients 500 page website that’s currently built on ASP.NET platform . Do you see any issues if I migrate part of the site to a CMS (say Joomla) and while retaining part of it on the existing on the existing asps platform .
Do you foresee issues running the site from two platforms at the same time . Also if you could suggest on the CMS I should be considering. Thanks

Hi sachinTAn,
My first thought on the subject was no, you must migrate it all at once or not at all :eek:

But then I remembered that I am in the midst of planning a similar project where I am taking a “Classic” ASP site and migrating it to Drupal and I will be doing it in stages. For some large projects, I think this is the best way to approach them so that you can proceed without interrupting the existing site and its audience.

You can choose whatever system you are most comfortable with as long as it provides the flexibility for your website’s needs. I am most comfortable with Drupal so that is my CMS of choice. I’m also going to be porting over the custom ASP CRM that we created which is the main reason I am going with Drupal. It has a robust user component which will allow me to create custom user profiles and then hook onto them to either use in a CRM setting or integrate with a full featured CRM like civiCRM.

As an additional thought, see if Joomla provides you with “URL Aliases”. With Drupal I can create alias urls and direct them to the real pages that I build in Drupal to replace the old site. So if I have a high priority page called really-popular-content.aspx, I can set up the site to direct all requests for that page to go to “drupal-version-of-really-popular-content”.

Good luck with your project :smiley: