Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end?

hello guys

I received this error below,
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/coder9/public_html/paypal/sandbox/pdf-ipn/listener.php on line 65

These are the codes,

I hope someone will tell me what’s wrong with this?

Thanks in advance.

The use of an IDE that checks inline syntax errors like netbeans, zend studio, phpdesigner, etc. are best to get rid of such syntactical errors. It really saves your time.


Thanks man very helpful.

Nevermind… there is a closing bracket } missing at the end.
You might want to indent your code a bit better, or maybe use an editor that helps you find these kinds of errors (I use PSPad myself). :slight_smile:

The code you linked to has only 62 lines (including php begin and end tag) ?

Could you tell us which one is line 65?