Parameter value is out of range decimal

Hi I am trying to update a record in my database. One of the field of the table is decimal(7,2), so therefore, it can hold up to 99999.99. However, I inputted a numeric value in the item price entry and I got this error “Parameter value 100.00 is out of range”. I already change the data type to numeric(7,2) but still I got the same error. I already surf the web for solutions but it didn’t work.

I am using VS 20008 and SQL Server 2005 Express. Can anyone help me regarding this matter. Thanks in advance.

When you say that your column is Decilaml(7, 2) then it means you can store a 7 digits number including 2 digits of decimal point. So you should be able to store 100.00 in it. Check in stored procedure or .net code how are you passing this value. Else paste your update code here, so that I can help you…