Pantone printing and images

i would like to know something about pantone color printing.

i know pantone are readymade colors which have specified inks in the market.

i want to know how do you print images in pantone colors ?

normally printing is done in cmyk colors.
so how do you convert cmyk images in pantone colors ?
In photoshop there is option of cmyk or rgb ?
But there is no option of converting them in pantone ?

It’s not something you can do from an ordinary colour printer because they work in CMYK.
You must go to a professional print house where they will mix the ink to the exact Pantone colour for use in an industrial spot colour printer.
You can still make mock-up prints on your own colour printer which will approximate the colour in CMYK but it’s not true Pantone.

You just have to choose from the pre-set palette of colours.
I don’t know if there is any utility for finding the nearest Pantone match for a given RGB or CMYK value.

Do note that if the end media is print, it’s best to choose Pantone colours from an actual printed swatch because on-screen colours don’t look the same as print.

hi sam

the printer will change the SOLID color background or SOLID COLOUR text to the matching spot color.

But i want to know “What happens to cmyk images” that have many colors in them.

cmyk images like landscape background is not made of one or two solid colors that can be converted to matching pantone ?

What conversion is done on cmyk images like scenery or landscape which have many multiple colors in them when they are used in artwork using pantone colors ?


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