Pantone colors for logo

I have recently designed a logo for a client. Now he is asking for the pantone colors of the logo.

In photoshop, I have found out that there is list of different types of pantone colors in the color libraries option.

  1. But how do I know which type of pantone color to choose? There is Pantone metallic coated, pastel coated, solid coated, solid to process etc. etc. Should I give him a list with values for all these types of pantones?

  2. My logo has a dark gray color and also a green gradient in it. How do you choose pantone colors for the gradient?


Pantone colors have been covered in other threads.
Did you perform a search using the vBulletin Advanced Search and SitePoint’s [URL=“”]Advanced Search ?

Ok. I hate to say this but here is where you went wrong. When creating an identity , start with spot colors (PANTONE) first!!! The PMS is a proprietary and CALIBRATED blend of inks that produce a certain hue. You cant, even on a calibrated monitor, create CYMK or RBG ( or any other color mode) and convert to Pantone. Eyeballing it, tho tedious, unprofessional and inaccurate… may be your only option. If the brand hasn’t been created yet this really wont have much consequence, otherwise you have your work cut out for you for color matching a set standard. Best of luck.