Pair Programming

Hello Everyone , help me help others in my community with Pair Programming concepts.
I needed to get your inputs for my survey at

I am trying to gather information about the use of Pair Programming in Software Startups globally. I need this information to gather realistic insights to help my friends in the Software Startups community with the possibilities of implementing Pair Programming. So please click the link above and take the very short survey. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Welcome to the forums, @callamitca . Would you be able to explain a bit more about what you hope this survey will accomplish? Also, would you be willing to share the results of your survey here?

Sure . So I am trying to launch a meetup in my city where I hope to build a platform where members from the Software Startups community (some of whom I know) will be able to come together and help each other on topics of Software development methodologies/techniques problems/challenges/solutions and best practices which help enhance productivity and efficiency levels in all aspects of software development.

The first topic that I am researching now is Pair Programming and the survey above is one of the tools I am using in my research. So from the survey I am trying to establish supportive facts on are do people know about pair programming? is it useful in their companies? if so then how ? if not then why? what are their roles in the companies? do they own or work at a startup? …so simple stuff which builds initial perspectives and provides me basic insights on usage. Yes I did not make this survey too deep and long, few quick and simple Q & A choices which helps the respondents attend to the survey.

I am looking for real insights, reach out to real people and I am willing to be patient too. And that is why I have shared this survey on social platforms with focus on relevant audiences. I came across your forum among other forums too. I shared my survey here as I saw people with knowledgeable perspective converse on Pair Programming and hence trying to reach relevant audience is important for me.

If you have some perspectives , you want to share on my endeavor then I am all eyes and ears!!
On the results , I plan to create an analysis report and hence I will share the summary.

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Thank you WebMachine for listing it back. And I believe folks are responding too. I am grateful for that .

And for others I also very much welcome the conversation too and if you have any thoughts you would want to share on the real usefulness of pair programming , by all means please leave your comments here.

Now from my research till now on the usage aspect of this concept in Startups , I am increasing coming across the points of inertia against pair programming as the ones where there is too much of a gap in the skill level between the 2 folks involved in the pair - does the community here think the same ?

Also as en experienced developer myself , I do understand the staunch school of thought professing that a task which can and should be done by 1 should not be the case for pp. Case accepted but I have seen the benefits of pair programming albeit done with a careful balance of priorities and the practice of not forcing pair programming to be a continuous practice 100% of the time. So there has to be a balance , so my friends - what are your thoughts on the aspect of maintaining balance between PP and non-PP practices in the same team?

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