Pagination($_GET) and $_POST loading on one page

I’m have a search field on a page. I also have pagination with the search results. I’m trying to get this to work by loading the same page($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]) instead of having the pagination results on a new page .

My problem is to get the pagination to work correctly.

Since I have a $search = $_POST[‘search’] for receiving the search there is a problem with the pagination for the second pagination page because I somehow need $search = $_GET[‘search’] when I click on the next links for pagination.

I know I could avoid this by creating a new page that receives the linked pagination values

I have a lot of code on this page but I’m displaying some here. Maybe you can have some input about this. Wether it can be done by using one page(search.php) or if I should just create a second page for the pagination results(ie search2.php)

search.php page

<form action=“search.php” method=“post”>
<input name=“search” type=“text” />
<input type=“submit” value=“Find” />


//Getting posted search value
$search = clean($_POST['search']); 


//Getting the pagenumber value from the links
$pagenum = $_GET['pagenum'];


if (!(isset($pagenum))) 
$pagenum = 1; 

//Here we count the number of results 

//Edit $data to be your query 
$data = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM members WHERE studio_name LIKE '%".$search."%'") or die(mysql_error()); 
$rows = mysql_num_rows($data); 

//This is the number of results displayed per page 
$page_rows = 25; 

//This tells us the page number of our last page 
$last = ceil($rows/$page_rows); 

//this makes sure the page number isn't below one, or more than our maximum pages 
if ($pagenum < 1) 
$pagenum = 1; 
elseif ($pagenum > $last) 
$pagenum = $last; 

$counting = ($page_rows * $pagenum) - ($page_rows) + 1;

//This sets the range to display in our query 
$max = 'limit ' .($pagenum - 1) * $page_rows .',' .$page_rows;

$QUERY = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM members WHERE studio_name LIKE '%".$search."%' ORDER BY studio_name $max");
$NUMROWS = @mysql_num_rows($QUERY);

if (!$NUMROWS) {

echo "No results found";

} else {

$I = 0;
while ($I < $NUMROWS) {

$member_id = mysql_result($QUERY,$I,"member_id");
$studio_name = mysql_result($QUERY,$I,"studio_name");

echo $studio_name;





// First we check if we are on page one. If we are then we don't need a link to the previous page
// or the first page so we do nothing. If we aren't then we generate links to the first page, and to

// the previous page.
if ($pagenum == 1) 
//nothing here
} else {

echo " <a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?pagenum=1&studio_name=$search'><img src='images/buttonfirst.png' border='0' title='First'</a> ";
echo " ";
$previous = $pagenum-1;
echo " <a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?pagenum=$previous&studio_name=$search'><img src='images/buttonprevious.png' border='0' title='Previous'></a>&nbsp;&nbsp; ";

//just a spacer
echo " ";

//This does the same as above, only checking if we are on the last page, and then generating the Next and Last links
if ($pagenum == $last) 
else {
$next = $pagenum+1;
echo " <a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?pagenum=$next&studio_name=$search'><img src='images/buttonnext.png' border='0' title='Next'></a> ";
echo " ";
echo " <a href='{$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']}?pagenum=$last&studio_name=$search'><img src='images/buttonlast.png' border='0' title='Last'></a>&nbsp;&nbsp; ";

//Getting posted search value
$search = clean($_REQUEST['search']); 

$_REQUEST is a combination of both GET and POST.


//Getting posted search value
$search = clean($_GET['search']); 
if(isset($_POST['search'])) {
    $search = clean($_POST['search']); 

This will grab the searchterm from _GET and will override it if there’s a value in _POST.

Please note that both versions do not take the possibility into account that both _GET[‘search’] and _POST[‘search’] are empty: you should really check for that too. :slight_smile:

I tried both $_REQUEST and the other option you gave me, but they did not work.

Maybe it’s something else in the code that has a problem?

When I submit a search I get the correct results on the first page(ie 77 results), and when I hover over the pagination links they say the correct address(ie search.php?pagenum=2&studio_name=mystudio).

But when I click to go to the second pagination page I get all results from the field(ie 200) and when I hover over the links now the value is not there(ie search.php?pagenum=2&studio_name=) .

Do you think there is something else in the code that is not correct?

You might need to change the name of the field ‘studio_name’ in the pagination links to ‘search’.

Awesome, That did the trick.

Thanks for your help!