Page scrolls down when browser is resized to trigger media query

On this site:

I have a media query set at 850px

@media only screen and (max-width:850px){//rules here}

However, when the window is resized to trigger it, the page is scrolled down as if to an anchor point.

Any ideas what’s causing this?

I don’t get that behavior in my browsers. What browser are you seeing this in?

Chrome Version 19.0.1084.46

Hm, same one I’m using—on Mac—but it doesn’t happen for me.

Happens on all browsers I’ve checked Mac and PC (FF, Safari, Chrome). Clean cache each time.

Odd indeed. Hopefully some other people will check so there’s some perspective on this. Or perhaps describe in more detail what you are seeing, as I may be missing the point. But what I see when I resize the page is just what I’d expect to see.

I see it happening, although I have no clue whatsoever as to why it’s happening.

Though your CSS file is basically impossible to read.

The stylesheet is minified for faster load times. That’s where this little gem comes in handy.