Page loading

Dear all,

Is there any tool that will tell me the total KB of any page and how long that page will take to load with various ISP speeds? I am not really sure what is ok / too big for a picture file size or page total KB.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Download the Web Developer toolbar for Firefox - Check that option out under Information > View Document Size. That should do it.

Thanks I had the toolbar already but had missed ‘View Document Size’. :shifty: Anyway I have just checked a few random pages such as newspapers and I think they were all under 800 KB.

Anyway since images on a web page are restricted in file size, can I say that there isn’t much point is using an SLR camera to take these pictures, I mean after being compressed for use on a web page would the superiority of an SLR over a compact camera be reduced to little or nothing or can people still tell the difference?