Page load time in app vs browser

do you think where does web Page load faster in app or browser?

Can you clarify the app?

mobile app sorry

here in india internet is slow

I am still confused :frowning:

Mobiles and tablets both use browsers to display web-pages?

Internet is slow here as well :frowning:

It’s a bit like asking “Which warms up faster in the winter, an apartment or a cabin?”

And the answer is the same.

It depends.

Hint, all other things equal, the one with with the lesser amount transferred will generally be faster.


Here Term web Page is common for app or browser ,so will you browse in app or browser as per speed is concern

Generalising here, but it would more likely be the app, as much of the data may be stored on the device and not have to transfer over a network. Whereas with a web page, almost all data will have to be transferred, except for anything already cached.
But there may well be exceptions, some apps rely heavily on on-line data or require to load a large amount of data stored locally. Plus some web pages (not that many these days) can be very lightweight.

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