Page jacking

can any one tell me what is page jacking , i am new to seo please help me

j3ph, Don’t use links or any URL shortning. Not knowing where a link goes is just bad.

^especially when its relevant and funny :smiley:

Page jacking is stealing the contents of a Web site by copying some of its pages, putting them on a site that appears to be the legitimate site, and then inviting people to the illegal site by deceptive.

As per my knowledge Page jacking is an unethical technique of stealing content from a website and copying it to another website in order to steal some traffic from the original website.Unethical webmasters steal a high-ranking page from a high ranking site and waits for the copy to hit the top mark in ranking to upload their own page in its place.It breaks the SEO rules.And it may be banned your website in future.