Page is looking fine but Firefox. Please help


The following page is looking fine on Internet Explorer,
Chrome but not on Firefox…

If you know what´s wrong please let me know
how to fix it.

Thank you very much!

The page looks identical to me in FF, IE9, and Chrome. What are you seeing that’s different?

In IE8, you cannot see the whole navigatiion bar of the slider frame (right bottom corner).

In Firefox 4.01, the page structure is broken.

For cross-browser consistency, i would check for w3c validation 1st. Your page is showing a lot of errors, check it here.

Next, you might want to consider using divs & css for positioning than using tables. Its been the web standards for these couple years :wink:


You can tidy up Firefox with the following CSS.


The navigation slider looked ok to me in IE8.

As mentioned above it would be better if you didn’t use tables for layouts these days and indeed these minor bugs are often much harder to squash in tables than they are when css is used (despite what table enthusiasts might say).