Page Class Suffix and Modifying 1 Page in Joomla

I am redesigning my portfolio website (joomla) and running across a problem. The template is designed with a module to the left of the content, but for the Portfolio (design) page I don’t want that module position there, I want the content to span across the 920 px. So I gave the Design page a Page Class Suffix name of [space]design. Now I’m no expert at these suffixes but in the past I’d just go into the CSS file, add .design to the css I want to change (ex. .design.content{…}) but in this case, nothing will change. I’ve also tried to no avail. Now I understand that I will need to rezise the border image that goes around the content, but right now I am just worried about making it so that the content will span across the page. What am I missing? Your quick replies will be much appreciated, I’m kind of on a deadline!

Page can be seen here

**Oops… obviously title should be Page Class Suffix…