Page changes after reloading


Regarding Firefox 3.16 on Windows:

Has anyone heard of JavaScript changing after the web page has been reloaded? I’m working on a WYSIWYG, too much coded to post here, but if the page is reloaded with Ctrl-R or F5, then if I create a bullet, press enter, then press the back key, the caret appears to the far right side of the window. There’s no code to move the caret. Also I’m using built in execCommand commend to do the indent. Then if I select the browsers URL address bar text input, press enter to reload the page that way, then this bug does not appear, but it reappears after pressing Ctrl-R or F5.

I should add that this bug is found in numerous other WYSIWYG editors. So I think it’s a FireFox issue.

Any ideas? I tried removing all events with detachEvent and removeEventListener without any luck.