Page-break for printing?

I visited the website ( Great tutorial about print CSS. After a few attempts I think I can get started now.

I have one question: Is it possible to force a page-break for printing that has no influence on the screen layout? (same way you describe displaying text only when printing)

Is it possible to insert a small code that is not shown on the screen that forces page-break on the printer?

Yes. You can use, e.g., the page-break-before property in a style sheet with media="print" (or within an @media print {...} rule).

For instance, to start every level-2 heading on a new page,

@media print {
  h2 {page-break-before:always}

Thanks. It works.
I/You just saved my boss €1000


Maybe you should donate to the Tommy Olsson fund :slight_smile: