Padding Problem with Paragraph Tag

Hi Guys

I’m working on this king size beds site. I’m using a script I bought to power some of the site, so that has added a new stylesheet:

on top of my own:

The problem I’m having is that I’m now getting some extra padding around some of the menu text. I believe this is related to the text being within <p> tags, because when within the <p> tags it looks like this:

and if I remove the <p> tags it looks like this:

Can anybody tell me what is causing the unwanted padding? I think it’s something on the default.css stylesheet but I can’t track it down.

Many thanks


The version you have online doesn’t seem to have the p elements around the menu items so I can’t really test.

I’m guessing your problem is simply the default margin on the p element which you don’t seem to have addressed.

.tblmenumain p{margin:0}

If that’s not the issue I’ll take another look.:slight_smile:

(BTW that menu should really be a list and not a table )

Many thanks Paul, the code you suggested has fixed it.

Regarding the list vs table, I know I don’t use cutting edge techniques, but I am very much a “if it works, let’s stick it live” kind of person. :lol: