Oxwall fetch data from SQL?

Guys I am asking for help here case back at Oxwall they don’t help for some reason.

Please teach me how to pass data to SQL to find results and return it.

I would like to check user question country and city fields.

Le say I have a URL example.com/dating-mexico

I would like to grab Mexico pass it to database check and check which users have same value and then return those users data.

Please help really need this.

Have you started writing the code and have specific problems with it, or are you looking for a “start from scratch” primer on taking data from a HTML form and using it to retrieve data from a database? Do you already have the database with data in it, or do you also need to write code to enter that? How much experience in HTML and PHP do you have?

I am not even sure where to begin case I am used to use MYBB and oxwall is like completely different structure.

Oh sorry, I have no idea what Oxwall is, or MYBB for that matter.


@letsforum - sorry, but with requests like that, you’ll never get help.

Can you program in PHP at all?


Yes at bit but I have no idea how to create a query on oxwall site.

That is the only thing i need be able to fetch data the rest I can handle since I am not doing super hard stuff.

Would you teach me how to?

I won’t, but there are plenty of other ways to learn.

(paid, but good) http://www.lynda.com/MySQL-tutorials/PHP-MySQL-Essential-Training/119003-2.html



I got you bro thanks big time. I was hoping this community had someone familiar with oxwall functions and the way it works case that is my obstacle.

Usually the community of the software you are working with should be there for you for such support. But, as I said earlier, if you come at them like you came here at this community, you likely won’t get any help, simply because you aren’t showing any effort to try to solve a problem yourself. That is key to getting support from an open source community. Try first to fix/ resolve your problem/ task. If you get stuck, then ask questions.

And another tip. An online community like this one, (or any other for that matter) doesn’t really have the proper resources to teach the noobs the basics. They may have other services, like here on Sitepoint, where they offer basic training and even some intermediate and advanced training. However, even with that, you have to learn those things on your own.


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