Overlay a magnification within a specific shape?

so hopefully i can explain what i want to do correctly. I want to have a big background image and on top of that image a shape which has a magnification of the image below. As though you were putting a magnifiying glass over it.

Obviously i could create this in photoshop and have it as 1 flat image but i am hoping to automate it somehow so that you just upload the background image and everything else is done for me.

Does this sound possible. How would i go about doing something like this?

I could understand how to do it with a square for example but the shape i want is more complex


A css transform or background-size can blow-up an image.

That would require some kind of mask. Possibly an svg with clipping path.

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ah so an SVG can knock out bits with a mask. I’ll have a look and see how they work. Never used an SVG before.


If you visit to topic that post comes from, there is a clipping path that can go on other elements, but it is not yet well supported.

The svg will have wider support.

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