Overflow and inheritance problem


i have wordpress site with two problems both in the footer part

1.the div doesn’t expand when you add new posts, and it run over the footer
2. in the first colum from the right, the first item it’s the category name and it getting by inheritance a background box of the posts
how i can overide that ?

link: http://dev.wpcoder.co.il/


Sorry for the bump
But no one can help ?

I have absolutely no idea which element you are talkingabout that runs over, because it’s not even broken from what I can see, but perhaps try adding overflow:hidden to “.wrapper” so the wrapper will auto wrap its floated children.


  1. Do you have an example where we can see this happening or is it browser specific.

  2. You may have to be more specific as I couldn’t see anything wrong. The title is a link - is that the element you mean?

If you don’t get an answer to a question the try rephrasing as people obviously looked and got a bit confused as to the problem :slight_smile: