Outting $_POST variables on action page

Hi all
I’m new to php as you may have guessed. How do I show the $_post variables that I send from a form? Thanks

I can output individual ones but not them all, how do i do that please? Thanks

Not sure what you mean. You can use var_dump or print_r:


Or you can loop through the $_POST:

foreach ($_POST as $p) {
    // do something

Thanks Richard I get this result array(0) { }

<?php var_dump($_POST); ?>

which means it must be working! Thanks

It must be working, but you are not sending anything.

Does the orginal html form contain this line:

action = post

Because if it contains action = get, then you wont see anything unless you do

var_dump( $_GET);

It is a flash form so I was just working out if it was get or post. Thanks for the help working fine now