Outsourcing - Digital Rights Management/Ownership

Dear all,

After much online search I have been left with no clue, so I thought I would run it past you guys/girls.

I’ve started outsourcing, specifically to individuals rather than companies.

The problem is that I don’t have any digital rights transfer agreement in-place, which is a big problem, and I honestly do not know where to begin.

The designers would be happy to transfer the ownership since the designs are so be-spoke and are useless outside the company.

Has anybody had any experience outsourcing, and how do you deal with the digital rights management, is there any software or websites out there that can help?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Edit: Is there such thing as e-contracts? or something which can prove two parties signed? I am trying online but I find very little, nothing which is usable.

Yes on 99d it shows the contract with the winning design, it does not include additional variation, or poses you might have arranged later.

I outsource on personal projects, but eventually they will be needed for other friends and indeed other companies, who need logos and so forth. I really don’t want to be in deep water legally.

I have paid many of them, and they have transfered the file. Many of them I used 3/4 times over with different projects and I am happy doing it. If I put this on the brief transfered by email would you feel it’s adequate?

In terms of over-complicating things I completely agree.

Exchange of emails are legal contracts.

You sure on this?

Exchange of emails are legal contracts. I would not over-complicate things. Just be clear about it, and have the supplier clearly state that they are transfering the ownership.
on 99designs.com it is also quite simply done. And I believe it has some articles relating to this…

Makes sense, thanks, I was worrying over nothing.

While it’s true that email agreements are (as stated) binding to a degree, it may be worth perhaps having a clause in your existing contract simply stating that all rights, responsibilities and control of the product upon completion of the agreement will be turned over to the client. It doesn’t take much effort, just state for the record that you’re giving them the sole-ownership over the finished goods. Not really necessary but it makes it seem a bit more professional. :slight_smile:

I am… in Canada and the US anyway.