Outlook with online access?


My computer is in the shop. :frowning: And will probably be there until the middle of next week. I’ll be losing almost an entire week’s worth of work time, and I have several big projects going on right now. The silver lining of this is I’m learning where the gaping holes are in my backup plan, which wasn’t much to start with.

The biggest problem is Outlook. I can get to most of my files through Carbonite, and my emails through web mail, but what I’m really missing is all the info I have stored in Outlook, like my task list and client info.

I’ve always wished Outlook had online backup and access, but I guess it can’t be done without Exchange. Looked into Gmail, but I just don’t think Google can offer the same well-integrated functionality. And… what would happen if my internet connection went down? I’d be screwed if all my info was in the cloud and I couldn’t get there.

I need a solution that is both local and in the cloud, and that syncs, and that is super-secure. And it needs all the functionality of Outlook.

I used Plaxo for a while and it’s limited because some of my data I can’t edit. But so far it seems like the best option.

Does anyone have a better solution they can recommend?

Thanks for any advice or feedback you have.