Outdated Information

I have an problem related to sitepoint on my website. There are new errors occurring on my website. The information provided by SitePoint is outdated and potentially ineffective. This is frustrating for me as I rely on SitePoint resources to solve problems on my WordPress website. It becomes an confusion and lead to errors whenever I try to implement suggested solutions.
Need help for solving this issue.

If anyone is to help you, we will need some details. What resources are you using that are out-of-date?


Which one? What’s the date of the article?

If it’s from several years ago, then, yes, it’s going to be out of date. If it’s recent, then, yes, that’s definitely a problem.

I think that might be 3 to 4 years ago.

Which article???

That’s my website;

We don’t want your website. We need to know which article it is on the Sitepoint website that you think is out-of-date. If we don’t know which article no one will be able to check and update it if necessary.

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You have walked into Oxford University, and declared “the definition is wrong” to the editors of the dictionary.

When asked what definition you mean, you handed them an essay paper and told them “The definition doesn’t work in this paper.”

You will now receive blank stares until you actually answer the question, or get escorted off the university grounds. The dictionary editors are not going to scour every definition in the book to try and figure out what you mean.


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