Outback Rural Community and Internet Connectivity

My first post to this forum.
I really need some advice and I don’t really know which category to even start in. My dilemma is I have been asked by the local lawn bowls club, with around 4000 members, in a small country town in the outback of Australia, to fix their internet. Phew, where do I start. There is a Standard ADSL connection to a router at the back of the maintenance office, and a wireless router in the front of the same office. Wireless has a range of around 10 metres, which is poor to any standard. There is an Ethernet Network but it is all over the place, through the roof cavities and some are terminated connections, and some are active. The person/s that set it all up is long gone, and I have only just been given the grand tour to see what I can do. I would say it is way outdated and the best idea would be to start from scratch. They are on a budget, and they would like wireless connectivity throughout the club, even outside at the greens. The provider is Australias biggest, Telstra, and this remotely, very little support. Can you point me in the right direction to start this project and what to prepare for with this limited information. I am looking for the simplest way possible to improve on the antiquated system, or to set up a separate system all together. There is no server technology in place, but could there be a budget system available to do this. Many thanks in advance. Kai

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