Other than SlideShare is there a good site to post a SlideShow presentation

As far as I know SlideShare is the best site to host and post your slide shows. Does anyone have recommendations for other sites?


Yes slideshare is the best site for sharing slides.Apart from that authorSTREAM, SlideBoom, myBrainshark are few other good ones.

Let’s say I want 1000 people to see my presentation, I may get 800 from the best site, but I still need to go to other sites to find the other 200 people. Also, SlideShare being the best is my opinion. Perhaps other people know of a site that is better.

I find Slidesix and Slideboom as good as slideshare too. There are more sites like slideshare and perform really good too.

u can create slidshow in photo sharing websites too

hmmm… how about scribd and Issuu? I’m not sure, but they look similar to slideshare.

I’ve also recently started playing around with Prezi, but that can’t be hosted on Slideshare