[OT] Weird Google Search Results

Is anyone here having trouble with google and their search results?

I check my keyword and keyword phrases for some of the more popular searches to my site and on my personal computer, I am listed in the top 5 for most of them. I was very excited until I realized that I wasn’t getting any unusual amount of traffic (they are high traffic keywords so you would think traffic would increase).

So I went over to my server and opened up firefox, lo and behold, My sites isn’t there. I am on like page 3. Now, here’s the thing, I went back over to my computer and refreshed the page and even deleted all cookies and internet files… still showing up in the top 5 searches on my machine.

My question is this, is it possible for Google to know my IP and website that I own…they display it in the top five so I get excited only to really be on page 3-10?

Why would they do this horrible thing. It’s like a practical joke played on us (if this is happening to other people).

This is off topic I know, but I didn’t know where else to vent where people like us actually help each other.

Here is a pic I made of a search result for “Waite Tarot Cards” :

As you can see by the above, on my personal pc I am listed as number two. This is getting weird.

Thanks, and Happy New Year !!!

Google customizes search for every individual web user, yes. There are lots of ways to identify a user, from being logged in to a Google account, to using the Google Toolbar, to an IP address and user agent pair.

It’s not that they know you own the sites, but that you click those sites or sites related to them in search results often.

I’ve moved your thread from the PHP forum to the Google forum where it’s not so “OT” :slight_smile:

i use different browser to check results,
me too i think that google customizes search for every individual web user