Organic ranking or paid-ad?

While the organic ranking is considered to be the most sought after ranking is having greater emphasis on Pay Per Click (PPC) is going to pay us in any way? Many site promoters prefer to get excellent marketing and advertising options but this is mostly clichéd as short term objective?

Peoples those Searches with Web have more trust with organic Results .
For business a Mixture of both Paid and Organic Works better , Target more Competitive keyword by hiring PPC services .
PPC services have one great Advantage i.e is Ranking is not Fluctuated .

I think combination of both helps in great way. As organic visitors are more unique than CPC and organic visitors are mostly targeted traffic so we should combine both for best results.

Both listing is good but depend on the promoter. Promoter wants results early than PPC is good option other than organic ranking is better options…

i think recommended both techniques are beneficial for taking a business with the help for search engine and depend on project niche some project taking a more time to coming top level in search engine in this case use paid marketing but i think two techniques are good for taking a business