Ordering by multiple columns

Hi Guys!

Is it okay to order by the featured column as well as date_posted as I have done below?

SELECT jobs.job_title, companies.company_name, companies.company_url, companies.logo_thumbnail, jobs.job_url, jobs.job_salary, jobs.job_ote, jobs.job_perks, jobs.job_description, jobs.location, jobs.date_posted, industries.industry, job_types.job_type, count( applications.id ) AS applications, count( featured_jobs.id ) AS featured
FROM jobs
INNER JOIN companies ON companies.id = jobs.company_id
INNER JOIN industries ON industries.id = jobs.industry
INNER JOIN job_types ON job_types.id = jobs.job_type
LEFT OUTER JOIN applications ON applications.job_id = jobs.id
LEFT OUTER JOIN featured_jobs ON featured_jobs.job_id = jobs.id
WHERE jobs.status = 'on'
GROUP BY jobs.id
ORDER BY featured DESC , date_posted DESC
LIMIT 0 , 30

Did you try it?
Does it give an error?
Does it return the results you need?

“okay” is very vague :slight_smile:

It does actually give the correct results just wanted to check that I am using the correct syntax.