Order random info mySQL - php

i have an mySQL database with event information in it.

Date, Location, Type

there are 10 events in the database.

how would i get 5 of those events from random, and then with those 5 order by date.

i know how to get 5 random events, but i dont know how to then order the 5 i have.

use your query to retrieve the 5 random rows, then sort the array in php

(re)sorting 5 rows in php memory would be near instantaneous

You can use SQL to order it by how the user wants:

SELECT event FROM events ORDER BY date
SELECT event FROM events ORDER BY location
SELECT event FROM events ORDER BY type

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wazzaday, have a read of this thread (http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/mysql-182/speedy-order-rand-operation-727493.html), a number of ways of grabbing x number of records at random from a database are discussed and compared. It’s probably a mute point if your only going to have 10 records but if the number of records is eventually going to be large, it’s something worth considering.