Order of book from Sitepoint still not delivered

I ordered the book, PHP & Mysql by Kevin Yank on 4th June (Order No.426408).

You confirm by email that it left your warehouse on the 4th June. Your order instructions were that it will be delivered within 8 to 28 days.

20 days have passed and I have heard nothing from DHL

I don’t blame you for being anxious, I am too for new books.

The books ship from Stratford Connecticut U.S.

So maybe you live relatively distant and it will take closer to the 28 days? (i.e. by July 2)

What country is it going to? It seems to be around a month, perhaps a few days more for shipping to Europe.

They state Business Days usually (Mon to Friday) typically not calendar days - some of their couriers don’t count weekends. If you have an issue with the delay contact the email: books @ sitepoint . com and JP will be able to inform you. Actually I am waiting for one that has reached 28 Business days (a lot more than 28-days). :slight_smile: