Ordeal with Online Payments


I started a website dedicated to online trainings and I have been facing a lot of difficulties related to credicard approval.

I cannot understand why a student can use his credit card to by a tv for example in a matter of minutes and the service I’m using takes 2 days to approve a single course that is half the tv price.

Do you know any good service that can be better what I have now?

Best Regards.

To process a creditcard normally takes a few seconds with a merchant provider.

From what you mention, it sounds like you are using some other kind of service to process the orders.

I’ve sold many courses using WordPress + WooCommerce + Stripe. Processes rapidly, and deposits to your bank account.

Well for the sake of those that might try to suggest a service… perhaps you could tell us which one are you using now so that they know not to recommend that one?