Oracle data base credentials

I am unable to login to oracle database but i have some credentials as:

<.add key="user"     value="A3XkhQ103IZXGfLdqy8/wjdTMtd/UjnayqcgFEyFigSeYmMB9I+whVwPJD0NypbpbUbwvzLPCHI7+pzQAFw8kU2LjqDc4uPR9h1ykX1l3p0o7PnPhUSAeCwdwdnUvMfV9LAJ+ZDxFlvLbZ6SQtgAYFddE709igsdnQdCTgGasdl+Hec=" />  \
<add key="password" value="A3XkhQ103IZXGfLdqy8/wjdTMtd/UjnayqcgFEyFigSeYmMB9I+whVwPJD0NypbpbUbwvzLPCHI7+pzQAFw8kU2LjqDc4uPR9h1ykX1l3p0o7PnPhUSAeCwdwdnUvMfV9LAJ+ZDxFlvLbZ6SQtgAYFddE709igsdnQdCTgGasdl+Hec=" />

how can i recover

Well posting them in plain text on a public forum probably isnt a great start…

Also why is it your ‘user’ and ‘password’ are the exact same encoded string? Thinking i’m starting to see a pattern of weakness here…

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