Or die(mysql_error()) same as exit()?

I have die(mysql_error()) on a lot of my queries and never had an issue with them exiting out of pages when some error comes back… until today.

is that what die(mysql_error()) is capable of. If there is some error response from mysql, does it act like an exit() function and just exit out of the script at that point?

feedback appreciated

In PHP, die() is equivalent to exit(). However, not a recommended way to do it as very user-unfriendly. That said, what is happening today that was not happening before?

NOrmally I have error_reporting off and it’s never an issue unless we get some weird database issues, them we turn error_reporting back on and see what the mysql_error is. But now having mysql_error attached to queries that actually have queries just locks up the page with a no-response similar to have bad PHP coding. Instead of being given an error, we just get a blank page.

Just upgraded servers, it sucks.

Would need to see some code. You have an error in your PHP code somewhere resulting in blank page because error reporting disabled.

It’s worse than a blank page. If I try to view source of the blank there is nothing to open, as page does not exist. Like an entire breakdown.

A PHP-generated page that is blank and content-less is typically due to PHP error when error reporting disabled.