Options to create web app that can stretch, drag things and more

Looking to create something a bit similar (but not as complicated as this):

What I would be needing is the ability to stretch the floor plan, windows, doors, have elevations, drag icons in & be able to write on or over the plan.

I notice this site uses Silverlight, but I was wondering what, if anything else, could be used to create something like I need?

I know jQuery can do some neat stuff, but could it do anything like I wanted? What about using a HTML5 Canvas?

That’s actually a silver light application. You’re going to want something a little more robust that JQuery and HTML. Silverlight, flash, java, etc.

Yeah, I know it’s a SL app, but I assumed Flash would be the obvious choice for something that like if you didn’t use SL. But, was just trying to inspect all options :slight_smile: