Optimize Wordpress

Have optimized my WP site using several plugins, however from the Google Page speed, I get a message that some javascripts can be deferred.

Such as the following js files which is coded in my header.php


Any suggestions, could I just remove those from from header.php and put them in footer?? My plugins do use javascripts.

Yes, you could just move those to your footer and it would solve the issue.

The website takes serveral time to load. It seems to load the entire page and then show/appear on the screen which is why it takes a huge time.

Have checked with Page Speed, and have a strong rating ( 90%) and disabled all plugins. And yet it fails. Any suggestions? Something with .htaccess or functions.php?

In Page Speed one thing you might need to note would be the server response times. If the server takes more time to serve a page then it would automatically increase your load times. Secondly if you have too many scripts on your page that would increase your load times. You could try using CDN for say jquery and some other scripts if possible and use cache to improve load times. That should hopefully serve pages faster.

in this issue, I often experienced it, even my web server is frequently down. even though I already uses a CDN. whether the hosting that I use also affects this? I use the hosting of Indonesia