Opinions on Gravityscan


So this topic is simple; What are your opinions on Gravityscan? Is it useful? Have you encountered problems? Is it solid although it is free? Does it increase trustworthiness? Any other comments on it?

(My) Gravityscan backstory

So I am a Wordpress beginner and a user of Wordfence. Recently their team launched Gravityscan. It basically monitors your site for malware and blacklisting for free and you even get a badge to put on your website to show visitors that you do security proactively. Since I am a happy user with Wordfence I got it.

(Honestly: as a student I don’t want to use much money and time to invest in very expensive monitoring anyway and as a brand new blogger it is not that important now, so I just smiled and gratefully accepted the offer.)

I guess their marketing idea right now is to promote their new launch by giving away a trust-badge (or whatever savvy people call it) that in theory could increase conversion rates on small business homepages.

I really like this idea and it is free for now, so I use Gravityscan on my brand new site and I am quite happy with the experience. They have already asserted me that I am in no danger of being blacklisted, the badge looks cool and I got a tip on a thing I should correct on my server.

I have one complaint though; I got a specific error report sent by email, but I have no time to correct that atm and I cannot dismiss the matter. Now the software spams my inbox with the same error report everyday. It is really a minor issue for a new, small blog like my own (at least I hope I am right about this) and it kind of annoys me that they won’t stop sending me email about it.

I take security seriously. I have an, eh, background in exploring cyber security in my early teens (things have changed, wow) which motivates me to do so. Besides, although I am lazy, I want to be taken seriously to some tolerable degree.

So is there anyone on this Forum who uses Gravityscan as well, or at least know about it? It is super fresh. I want to hear your opinion. Especially if you are veterans.


PS. If I posted in the wrong category, please have mercy on me.

Hi RYM, what type of finding would you like to dismiss? Most findings in Gravityscan can be ‘ignored’, which will stop the email alerts from going out.

Hi dan130. The problem is Incorrect TLS Certificate Configuration. I cannot see any way to ignore messages in my cp. Would be appreciated if you could help.

Hi RYN, on the right side of the finding you will see a link labeled ‘EXPAND’, in the details column. When you click on that the details of the finding will appear. In the lower left hand portion of the detailed findings you should see two buttons: ‘False Positive’ and ‘Ignore’. In this case since you agree with the finding but don’t want to fix it, the ignore button is the most appropriate.

If you’re not seeing the buttons it would be very helpful if you could send us a screen shot via the ‘Report a Bug’ option at the bottom of our help page: https://www.gravityscan.com/help/.

I will report the probable bug. Good luck! Btw I like the name, clever.

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