Opera Rewind Button.. what's the deal?

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Okay, so I get you love it, but I’ll be honest, I have no idea what it does! Please feel me in, as when someone is this passionate about something, I feel like I’m missing out on something important.

ping @felgall

I have Opera 12.17

IIRC the “rewind” is like “back” except one reloads the page and the other reloads from cache.


“With Rewind, you can jump back quickly to certain points in your browsing
history. You can activate Rewind by pressing Shift+Z on your keyboard or
clicking on the “Rewind” button in your Main toolbar. If this button is
missing, you can find it in View > Customize toolbars. You can add the
Rewind button to your toolbar by simply dragging it to where you would
like to place it.”

Rewind saves the points in history where you switched from one site to
another, in the currently open page. If you didn’t switch sites, you’ll go
straight to the beginning of your browsing history in the currently open

You’ll go back one step at the a time for each ‘back’ gesture. ‘Back’ and
‘Rewind’ have different gestures. If there is a ‘back’ history, there will
also always be a ‘rewind’ history, ‘rewind’ just takes bigger steps. So
the gestures can not be combined as with ‘forward’ and ‘fast forward’.

I tried replicating the problem but I must be messing the steps. Maybe Stephen means clicking in the Preview pane?

No, I can recreate his problem and @Stomme_poes issues in Opera 12. You do have to be using it for a while and it just starts to act up. There are definitely things with Opera 12 that do not work in Discourse. :frowning: A lot of the keyboard shortcuts do not work as well. You can’t use CTRL + K, for example, to format code.

Th has nothing to do with cache or not as both buttons reload from cache.

The rewind button skips over all the intervening pages to take you back to when you first accessed the sie (or the previous site you visited if you are already on the first page.

So no matter how many pages I visit on a site pressing rewind takes me back to the first page of the site I visited and pressing eithe back or rewind again from there will take me back to the previous site.

So to go back to the previous site is two clicks rather than having to go back through 5 or 50 or however many pages I visited on the current site .

Without the rewind button going back several sites becomes a real pain.

Because I’ve always used povvo browsers without this feature, I’m used to opening pages in new tabs when I’ll need to go backwards to avoid getting lost like this.

Seems it exists as a feature in the latest Opera anyway:

The regular list of dozens of web pages appears. So no Rewind support whatsoever. So rewind definitely doesn’t exist in Opera 24.0

With Opera 12 if you click on the rewind button and hold it you get a list of the sites you visited previously to choose from - not every single page. To get a list of every page you click the back button and hold it.

I have enough tabs open in the browser working on different things that I don’t want to open extra ones so as to fix the lack of a rewind button. In fact I have my browser set to not allow any web page to open a new tab or window - any new pages they want to open must overwrite the original page so that I don;'t end up with several hundred tabs. I have three open at the moment and I am only accessing this forum - I’ll open several more tabs from emails so as to deal with other things when I finish typing this message.

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I tend to do like Ralph and open new tabs, though yeah, I’ll eventually get a sh*t-ton of tabs and there are a few sites (like Twitter) that easily bog Opera down (I used to think it was Opera, but I can get Firefox and Chromium to turn grey with Twitter, so it’s just Twitter being an unstable hog).

Opera has a few other things that are awesome like built-in IRC (which I have used) and built-in mail (which I never used) that I don’t see the Opera devs ever adding back in, ever. I could live with that.

For an inaccessible (to AT) browser, though, Opera was #1 for keyboarders. Now, we know

  • Chrome devs will never add that stuff, or if they do it’ll be totally via Javascript, lawlz
  • Firefox might add it, but only as a plugin/extension, which means you’ll violate their warnings of “oh yeah, if your Firefox is really being slow, try not having so many plugins”, which means “Firefox will work fine so long as it doesn’t have the functionality you need”.

Oh sometimes I get the smiliey popup and it won’t go away. I can’t edit the edit field until it’s gone so I hit “Save” and then immediately go back to edit to finish my post. Has happened 3 times so far.

*shakes fist* damn you, smilies!

I do open new tabs. I often have as many as 8 to 10 tabs open at the same time. If it were not for the rewind button that would soon grow into the hundreds of tabs.

Yeah, I’ve easily gotten way too many tabs as well.

I’ve semi-solved it by having more than one browser open, at times : P