Opera Mini peculiarities

I have checked several of my sites on a tablet which has a screen res of 600 x 1024. The sites work as expected in Firefox, Chrome and Android’s built-in browser, but Opera Mini gives odd results. Opera Mini seems to think the portrait screen width is 480 as I have a media query which is triggered at 480px or below, and it also seems to ignore some margins (I haven’t pinned down which ones yet).

Am I missing something here?

Apart from seeing the occasional refrain that Opera Mini is the new IE6, I’m not sure. Do you have any test pages anywhere?

www.littleberkhamsted.org.uk is probably one, although it doesn’t exhibit the padding problem.

EDIT. Looks like I have another problem there too!

I just looked at that on my iPhone 6S+ and it looks fine in portrait. Here’s a screenshot, do you see anything there that you think is wrong?

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No, Chris, that looks fine and as expected on a phone. Thanks. The oddity (not so much a problem) is that on my tablet, although the screen width is 600px it is invoking the media query that comes in below 480px. I managed to check what it thought the screen width was and it reported 375px…

Gotcha. I can check on the iPad if you like in a little while and see what I get there.

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That would be useful, thanks Chris

I don’'t have opera mini to test but others have reported the same things.

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Thanks, Paul. At least it’s not just picking on me! :slight_smile:

I did try this on the iPad the other evening. It gave my no obvious indication that anything was amiss in either portrait, or landscape. As far as I could make out, it was filling the screen just fine in Opera Mini, and looked no different to Safari to my eyes. I’m not sure whether that helps or not.

Thanks for checking, squire. I just get the feeling Opera Mini is a bit quirky…

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