Opening window certain size

From my page at where I have my News and Events how can I make one of the listings there open in its own window sized appropriately.


Is something like this what you are looking for?

From my understanding, that’s not what he wants. He wants to open a new window at a specific resolution like, say, 800 x 600. If you’re opening a page from your own site, I think you can disable the resizing of the window so that it’s a fixed size.

But that’s bad for accessibility.


The demo site that I set up open a new window with size manually set for each link (I set it to the size of the photo). However, the window will remain to the size that was first opened. Clicking on a new link without closing the window first will re-use the same window. Maybe best to wait for the OP to provide more info as to what is sized appropriately.

[FONT=Verdana]For a lot of people, you can’t – not since about 2007.

The main reason why not is tabbed browsers. Most people are now using IE8/9, Chrome or Firefox, which AFAIK all allow the user to choose how they want ‘new window’ links to be opened, and the default setting is usually “same window, new tab”. Because none of the popular browsers offer a proper MDI (unlike Opera :cool:), tabs are always full-page, so any new tab opened in the same window must be the same size as the current window.[/FONT]

I guess you want a pop-up window if so i suggest following (using JS)

<a href=“#” onclick=“‘url_location.html’, ‘StatusBar’, ‘toolbar=yes,resizable=no,scrollbars=yes,width=500,height=500,left=0,top=0’);” title=“tool tip”>link anchor text</a>

resizable=no makes new window fixed (non-resizeable) with fixed hieght and width you will define

hope this helps

does anyone have a link to a script to open the news events in their own window or a link to accomplish this?

I would really not like to open the links as full sized windows

Did you read #6 above? That gives you the code that you need.

I would really not like to open the links as full sized windows

As I explained in #5, you might not have that option…