Opening thumbnails

If you were viewing thumbnails in a photo gallery, and you clicked on a thumbnail to view a larger image, what would you expect to happen…

a.) redirect to a new page with a larger photo?

b.) a new tab opens with a larger image?

c.) a pop-up window appears with a larger image?

In my gallery, I have the ability for users to listen to music while viewing things, but it occurred to me that if I do the normal redirect to a new page, then the music will get lost.

So if I want to allow the user to keep listening to the music those chose, I guess I would need to switch to either Option B or Option C above, right?

Also, how do you make a new tab appear when clicking on a hyperlink?

And how would you create a sized popup window if Option C is your recommendation?


Hi there UpstateLeafPeeper,

perhaps CSS scale() might suit your needs. :winky:

Here is a basic example…



Thanks for the sample - I had wondered if there was a hover function like that.

Unfortunately, because of my design, at this late stage I’m not sure if that’s the way to go.

That being said, which direction would you go with the options I posed in my OP?

Hi there UpstateLeafPeeper,

I would go for a modal window. :winky:

Perhaps. :wonky:


That requires Javascript, right?

Which option would you choose if you could only use HTML/CSS?

Wrong. :biggrin:

But it might be very clumsy for a an image gallery. :eek:

I have just tested the “playlist” code that I provided
and added a link to it.

When this link is clicked the audio is paused and
the new page is opened.

When the back button is clicked the audio continues
at exactly the same place as when the page was left.



In order to not disturb the music that is turned on photo-gallery.php, that is why I was thinking it would be better to open a new tab or a new window for the detailed photo.

Maybe someday when I learn video editing and production I can solve this issue by creating a music video, but until then…

Would you find opening up a new tab or window overly distracting?

If so, then I guess people will just have to understand that if they navigate off the page (e.g. clicking a link) then the music will stop.

What is your objection to pause?


Currently when someone clicks on a thumbnail they go to a photo-details.php page with a larger image PLUS the ability to download the image in raw format.

Because this is a casual site to show people holiday photos, I don’t want to spend much more time on it, and I’m not sure if for my application the pop up photo is the way to go. (Altjough I appreciate the knowledge because I can see places where I might use it.)

That being said, I am wondering if I try to allow people to continuously listen to a song as they browse and look at enlarged pictures (e.g. open a new tab/window) or it is implied that listening to the song is independent of looking at photos.

Make sense?

Hi there UpstateLeafPeeper,

Your trouble is that you are putting your website
desires above those of your visitors. :rolleyes:

If you still want the sound to continue for your personal
satisfaction then use this…

<a href="" target="blank">Keep Lisening</a>

… and be damned for it. :taped:


No, I am trying to think about what users would want, which is to keep listening to a thematic song in the background while they listen to music. (e.g. Christmas music while looking at photos from our Holiday Party).

And I do care about users enough to ask before simply coding things to open a new window.

You sound like I shot someone?! :unhappy:

Not that I have time for it now, but certainly what I am trying to do must be desired by others, so how do they solve this problem? That is, having a soundtrack playing in the background while you surf a website, but where the msuic comes from the website and not a separate application.

The code that I have just given you…

<a href="" target="blank">Keep Lisening</a>

…does not interfere with the noise that is emitting from the page. :unhappy:


Yeah, but will you send me a Christmas card next year after this thread?? :lol:

No, I will not. :unhappy:

I do not have a Christmas card list, or
a birthday card list or a…actually I don’t
have a card list for any occasion. :lol:

My mother told me that I came out of her
womb contrary. :rolleyes:


Does anyone else have thoughts of how to accomplish what i want and not have @coothead throw things at me?

I had considered opening a new tab to make the music persistent.


<a href="" target="blank">Keep Lisening</a>

opens a new tab and makes the music persistent


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