Opening Full View on Same Page?

I’ve seent his done on a couple websites… alot on cargo type portfolios but havent been able to figure out how its done. I tried looking at this site here … if you click any of the thumbnails u can see what I mean… I been looking for this feature for my own site since it would get rid of the modal window im usin now and I can place more info into something like that.

Does anyone know what this is called?

He’s using a lot of jQuery. I find that site a bit confusing, to be honest, and with JavaScript off it’s completely broken. So I wouldn’t recommend copying that kind of functionality at all.

here’s a site with something similar, but it works with javascript disabled.

Is this feature difficult to duplicate?

It’s using jQuery again, but there’s a lot of code on that page, and I’m not good enough at it to understand which part governs that gallery. It might be best to move this to the JS forum for someone to help with that.

yea i couldnt figure it out either… ill try and ask in the JS section and see how it goes.


No matter what to achieve this effect JavaScript would need to be turned on otherwise flash is the other option you can go with but its a bit of a buzz kill. The 2 options you can go with is using Ajax to load the content in or have all the content loaded in the DOM when the page load which will make for a great view source window but ends up leaving you with a massive chunk of extra HTML in the DOM.

yea i dont want to resort to flash, i think the first site loads the info into the page with ajax and when javascript is disabled it just links to the actual page. I would like to be able to do it in this way, but done in a nice way like the 2nd website. I don’t know 2 much JQuery but it woudl be very helpful to have somethin like this included on my site so I dno’t have to redesign a big portion of it. Whats a DOM? Whats the best way to do something like this?