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Found this link today: <snip/>.
A listing of various open source testing tools that can help out during production: Link checkers/ performance testing / security and more.

Just an FYI…the page is now

Here’s another cool testing tool: and Jmeter at

Hidden under the link to for Jenu is a link to Xenu, a Windows-based, open source link checked that was the inspirational (apparently) for Jenu.

I use Xenu all throughout my development and on a regular basis against my production sites - a very nice tool.



check out - forwarded bi a good friend of mine ->

karthik bala guru

Any site needs a good speed tester. Check out

It displays the speed of each object on the site and the number of times it is called. At the end of it, it also displays analysis and recommendations.

While it is free to use the online version, they charge for the intranet version.

Hi all here is another site that I just found and have been looking at a lot.

It allows you to try out a lot of different open source software.


Selenium and the newly released [URL=]Selenium IDE are great for web functional testing.
It is Open Source.

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