Onload does not work in div elements

hi gurus,

I have an onload handler that worked fine if applied in <body onload=“getCountries()” >, but did not work in <div onload=“getCountries()” >. I searched for a while in the forum and got no clue. How to solve this? I need to put it in <div> elements.

Thanks a lot.

Either stick that code in the body onload, or place it in a script tag just below the div, like

hi buddy
there is no “onload” function for div tag
so, if u want to execute the content of <div></div>
first write <div></div> and its content and after that
call the getCountries() function inside the <script></script> tag

i hope this will help you
if u have any query plz post

Hi wysiwyg & Steve, thanks, that fixed my problem.

I have this line:
<script src=“my7.js” language=“JavaScript” type=“text/javascript”>
in the html head, can I put it in a PHP function and echo this line and use the javscript as if it is in the html head?

Hi Charlie

what you are telling is fine, you can proceed