Online Payment Processing

Over the last couple days I have been evaluating various low cost online payment options. The most appropriate combination that I have found for a new charity seems to be BlueVine + Braintree. The BlueVine doesn’t have any fees of a traditional bank account which I think is great for the nonprofits purposes. Braintree offers special nonprofit pricing at 1.99% + .49 per transaction. The average seems to be nearly double. Braintree also offers a graph QL api that aligns with the nonprofits mission nicely. Are there any other bank and/or online processing solutions that would be lower cost than that. I also like that the braintree special pricing is fixed regardless of purchase types. For example, strip also has a nonprofit discount program but only for specific types of transactions.

This is the braintree graph api. I haven’t seen anything else out in the wilderness like this for payment processing.

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