Online Order print

Hi to all,

I am developing a shopping cart like website without any online payment option.How the customer will proceed.

Customer will do the same steps like any shopping cart e.g registration ,add to cart etc

But after add to cart the product which he/she want to buy when he will click on the checkout button there should be print request should send to printer of the owner(website owner) about that order and that order should print there.

I have found this type of solution but not sure what we should required to make printer print the customer order directly without human interference

any suggestion will be appreciated.


open a new window on checkout and output to it the page that you them to print, dont forget to use different CSS to take into account pront sizes and A4 paper size etc.

then at the bottom of that page put this javascript, it will cause the users printbox to appear so they are prompted to print out the page.

<script language="javascript">

Thanks for the reply.

But i am not talking about this type of printing.

Let me clear you more.


We have a online shopping cart and we want that when customer visit our site and do some purchase after adding product to cart on cart page there is a button so that when customer click on that button a print request send to physical printer which the owner set online at his shop and that order receipt should print at the owner shop or any where he place the printer.

I am talking about the real printing through the printer and secondly that receipt should not print to the customer printer should be printed on the owner printer which he setup to get the receipt of order.

Hope this detail will clear you what i want.


OK, my option would print only at the clients end not the owners end.

Unless your website was going to be hosted on the actual computer connected to the printer this will be slightly difficult. A couple of thoughts occur to me straight off, depending on what level of technology and programming skills you have available as both need to have a program written for the computer in order to run.

Store the sales info on the server, then run a program on the owners computer that polls the server to see if any orders had been recieved if so retrieve the info and print it.

Set up a static IP to to the computer (or run Dynamic DNS) then have the server sent the details directly to the computers IP. Again youd need terminal software that could negotiate with the server and print out the order.

Perhaps others have some simpler solutions.