Online Business For Sale - 3 Revenue Sources - Where to find right buyers?


I have an online business for sale. Doing $4 K + a month. very consistent and reliable.

Budget for sale/ looking for xx,xxx .

How can i find people with money who aren’t wasting my time?

You’ll always run into tire kickers or people just trying to extract information for curiosity or other reasons… personally I would just start listing your offer on various marketplaces that cater to selling established websites/web businesses and see what kind of inquiries you get. Perhaps you have already tried this and are not satisfied with the results? Depending on your type of business/website you run, perhaps there are offline avenues for finding a buyer.

At that level of profit you can probably find a broker to sell the site for you. They’ll filter out the time wasters and reach out to their network of buyers, but it comes at a cost.

I 'm trying to sell an online business I’ve been building for the last year or so. It’s virtually ready for launch and I’m selling it with 40 domains, 3 hosting accounts, 2 reseller accounts and more.

The business has huge potential to the right buyer but I don’t know where to find people who may be interested.
So please help me…

cristina5448, people are unlikely to be interested based on the number of domains, hosting accounts etc. Similarly, they won’t be impressed by claims - genuine or otherwise - of “huge potential”.

They’ll be interested if you have some solid figures that demonstrate it’s a viable business. If it’s ready for launch my suggestion would be that this is the worst possible time to put it up for sale. It suggests that you are bailing, that you can’t make any profit from the site.

My suggestion would be to launch it, make it profitable and then put it up for sale.