One piece of my site not very mobile friendly. Looking for tips!

Hi there… The little specials chalkboard on my site (left side) doesn’t show up very well on iphones/droid. Anything in my CSS that might be causing that section to span to wide?

Never really coded a website for mobile so this is new to me


For a mobile site I would recommend using KendoUI. They make it so your site feels more like a native app and it is actually very easy to use. I would check it out.

Not looking to start from scratch here… Its just that one tiny section not looking right…

One thing you should try is to remve the widths set on the box and paragraphs inside. They are 417px wide, which is too wide for mobile. Perhaps for small screens set them to width 100% or similar with @media rules, and perhaps use background-size or 100% for the background image.