One page layout design

I am Internet Marketing expert and interested in web designing too. I started web designing earlier in this month.

Today I started to create one page layout design. but I don’t know how to break a single page into multiple pages and how to make hyperlink for them?

From internet I found a code to create hyperlink- <a href=“#work” class=“button button-big”>hyperlink</a>

But I am unable to understand what role class have in hyperlink? can class name have space?

Can someone please help me to complete my design?

Thanks for taking your time!

Here you might find useful and simple tutorial.

“class” has no direct role in the hyperlink. It’s there so that styles can be applied to the link using CSS. Class names can’t contain spaces. In the example you’ve posted, there are two different classes applied, one called “button” and one called “big-button”. There is more information about class selectors in this article:

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Thanks for the help…