One of my Client Charge back the amount paid on Elance


I was working on a Mobile for a Client on & was 90% done with that. I am based in India. At the very last moment he asked to add a lot of features with the same cost. I requested a revision in quote and he refused it.

He said give me the existing source files, I simply shared all the source files as he already paid me for that and filed a dispute. There was no result of dispute and its ended.

After few week, I received an email that the client requested charge back of $10000 USD from his credit card company.

Now I have negative balance on my account. Just want to know that can Elance also put a charge back on my Bank account in India to recover the negative balance?? As I am aware they always make decisions on there side only. I have worked around 7 Months with my team & handover all the files as well.

Please suggest!!

Were you being paid through Elance? This sort of thing shouldn’t be able to occur if you’re working within their escrow payment system.

Additionally, anytime a client starts disputing / changing things like that, before I gave anyone anything I’d make sure that there was an official dispute filed, or whatnot. People are not always honest in their dealings, especially on those freelancing sites.

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Thanks for the reply. That client was paying me through Elance escrow only and every time release the escrow after accepting that he is satisfied. Now my Balance on Elance is negative and not sure if elance have any authority to charge back a wire transfer they did to my company account.

I don’t see how they would. I’d get in touch with their support and explain the situation.

They are not able to do this if it was paid by wire. Even if you transfer to a wrong account with a wire, the only way you can get the money back is if the person who received it agrees to send it back.

What they can do, if you do not agree to pay it back, is disallow you to continue working on Elance. With other words that is what you need to decide, is it worth that amount of money to keep working there.

Thanks for the responses. I am really not interested to work with a portal who do not care about the developers working day & night to deliver the applications. I have written a very descriptive email to there support but honestly don’t have any hope. These guys just want to make money with there commission. I was working with elance from last 4+ years & have 120 successful gaming applications delivered through them. It’s really a disappointing thing going to happen…:frowning:

Terrible experience sagarm31. I feel you. God bless.

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