One Million Followers...?

I started this campaign yesterday. I am creating a social as well as internet marketing experiment to see if I can get 1,000,000 followers on twitter as a normal person. only 200 people have accomplished this so far and almost all famous celebrities.

Do you think it can happen?

Follow me at
and tell everyone you know!

Starting now, every 100th person to follow me will get a prize (First prize is a good one, trust me!) as well as every 100th person to tweet at me or RT me.

Great idea! I am following you! (jdwoodruff1986)

Good luck! :slight_smile:


considering the fact that there maybe more than 1 million members of twitter who are probably just in it to make a lot of friends and then post their urls all over, I’d say you have a pretty neat chance of getting a million followers… most of which would probably be spammers.

I surely doubt if you can collect millions of followers considering the quality of your tweets. Even celebrities can’t collect million followers in an instance. Make your tweets an inspiring one and you will get your target numbers naturally.

I was wondering whats the prize? I have many accounts who have 4-5k followers :smiley:

Your name will be written in BOLD in followers list :slight_smile:

nicely elucidated

What do we get by 10k twitter visitors. ANd is it possible to have that big twitter followers. I have only 10 - 20 so far. Any advice.

Very nice idea. I will follow also you. Good luck :wink:

Is this really possible to have this much followers?

It’s all about the content. Or so I hear. I’m sure there are some fancy tricks to boost your followers, but I dont know them.

Cool idea. good luck bro

nice and now i am following you

Yeah, Twitter is kind of strange. Not of the norm where most people want “targeted traffic.” With Twitter, your objective shouldn’t be “targeted followers” as crazy as that may seem. Your goal is simply pure big numbers. Not only will big numbers of followers help when you make tweets but you will also enjoy a sense of envy from your followers that you have so many followers, if that makes sense.

Alright, I’ll go ahead and say it…When it comes to Twitter…Size Matters!

Quite Interesting…

try use twitterfeed, I am sure, the target will be achieved:D:D:D

it can be too cumbersome if you had 1million following you. spammer issue can be occur

Hi, I doubt if a normal person can reach that number of followers. Twitter has a lot of spammers lately, especially those porn sites. Try using those twitterfeeds, but once you signed up with them, you will be posting and promoting their link anytime of the day…so you will be appearing like a spammer too. I suggest try to work on most of your posts so that it can catch people’s attention. :slight_smile:

I’m agreed with LeonardHB, when twitter goes bad. Spammer actually in three categories 3P, porn,pill and poker. I hate spammer a lot.

Great idea. I followed all above twitter users. please follow me too.